Friday, October 19, 2007

Using Web Sites Effectively

This is a response to Celeste's previous posting.

Alex Ross has blogged quite a bit over the last few years about the internet and musical groups. Applying some of what he has said, information Drew McManus has posted at Adaptistration, and what I have put together from looking at different musical organizations' web site, I have all sorts of ideas about what's useful:
  • Have a web site!
  • Made it good-looking and functional.
  • Keep it accurate and up to date.
  • Post sound samples within what's legal. I personally know nothing about how royalties work when a performance of copyrighted music is posted on the net.
  • Sell tickets on the site.
  • Have a provision for people to make donations to the group.
  • Have a mailing list sign-up page. Um, email list.
  • Post photos.
  • Have audition info posted - dates, audition process, who to contact.


Drew McManus said...

Those suggestions are all right on mark Lisa and, in one form or another, are included in the examination process. Overall, I would say that there's a growing gap between the quality of sites that score well and those on the other end of the scale. Ideally, those on the lower end of the spectrum will be able to find funding to keep up with not just their peers but how patrons interact with performing arts groups and buy tickets.

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